Tuber melanosporum Vitt

This truffle is called Black Winter Truffe, Périgord Truffle” or “Norcia Truffle”.
The season begins on 15th of November and it lasts till 15th of March*

The Black Winter Truffle is recognised as the most precious truffle of the black family due to its intense and aromatic flavour,
its defined and balanced taste and to the old gastronomic tradition related to it. 

It has an irregular form and variable dimensions. It has a completely black and wrinkled skin outside and it is dark
colored inside with whitish thin veins.
This truffle has a penetrating aroma and exquisite taste, that's why
it is also known as “sweet black truffle”.

The Black Winter Truffle is usually briefly cooked when used in the kitchen.
An ancient Norcia culinary tradition suggests to bite it after heating it in the chimney.

*the setted dates could change according to the annual schedule that every single region draws up.