Fresh truffles

We receive fresh truffle every morning and we do not have any stock of it in order to provide a completely fresh product to our customers. We select and clean our truffle before sending it in order to let you have the better quality that Nature gives to us.

 is an italian company specialised in TRUFFLES since 2001. We only market ITALIAN WILD TRUFFLES, we have made a choice: we want to work only with the best products that Nature gives to us, we don't want truffles that come from plantations and we don't want foreign truffles. Even if prices are cheaper and so the product become easy to sell, we know what's different and we want to make the difference.
Unfortunately what the market sometimes offers is a variety of products below standards that is commonly proposed as truffle, and it happenes especially abroad.

It is estimated that more than 70 different truffle species exist worldwide (thirty of them in Europe) each one with a different gastronomic value and with different  organoleptic characteristics, but only a few of them are actually edible.
An example of those differences is the existence of the very scented White Truffle Tuber magnatum Pico and the flavorless Chinese truffle Tuber indicum.

It is not easy and not always possible to recognise which is the "odd one out" since the exterior appearance is often similar even between different species.
For example, if you find Chinese truffles Tuber indicum and Black Winter Truffles Tuber melanosporum Vitt. together, it is very difficult to identify them because outside they are nearly identical, the bigger and most important difference is in their taste.

That's why it is very important to have trust in your supplier. Effetre Srl has more than 30 years’ experience in selecting truffles and works exclusively with italian truffles. The company sells only spontaneous wood truffles as it is widely known that they have much more aroma and taste than the cultivated ones.

Effetre Srl guarantees availability of fresh truffles all year round according to the truffles season.

Fresh Truffles

We receive fresh truffle every morning and we do not have any stock of it in order to provide a completely fresh product to our customers.
White Truffle
Black Winter Truffle
Bianchetto Truffle
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