Bellavita Expo, Amsterdam 2015

...and the winner is...


Our second experience with Bellavita Expo was the confirmation of our quality and brand.
More than 200 judges coming from food field tasted our products and we won the 1st prize!

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The winner is Nerosunero® and it is part of the new sweet line of truffle products named Nerosubianco® that is composed by three different pastes: Nerosubianco®, Nerosunero® and Biancosubianco®. The complete line has been awarded.
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It was the important  RAI Centre the location of this event where we proposed gourmet tasting of our products finding an unanimous interest of the numerous guests. 
We didn't expect our victory in Amsterdam and it was amazing! This gave to us a huge desire to go further with our project and to continue this path already started with Bellavita Expo.... event CHICAGO 2016!!!
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